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benders.jpg (7439 bytes) In 1960, the founder of Worth developed a method to produce aluminum mufflers and designed a pipe bender so the two could be sold together as a package. The very first person he showed this to said, "Well, I like the bender you've built, but you can keep the mufflers." Heeding this advice all efforts were concentrated on producing pipe benders for the exhaust industry.

Worth Benders in production late 1960's early 70's

137.jpg (6814 bytes) exl60.jpg (5880 bytes)
Worth Model 137 1950's 60's
Worth Excel 60 Mid 1980's
Worth Excel 80 Mid 1980's
Early on, the benders were largely marketed under private label agreements with companies such as Midas Muffler, Major Muffler, Scotti Muffler Centers and Superior Muffler. The unique design of the Worth benders have allowed each model to be "upgraded" with new features as new models were introduced throughout the years.
training.jpg (7349 bytes)
Worth Exhaust and Training Centers circa 1980

oldlifts.jpg (7561 bytes) In 1975, Worth began manufacturing a line of two and four post lifts. After adding lifts to the company's line, the next move in striving to be a complete exhaust supplier was to begin sourcing exhaust-related products from major manufacturers as well as manufacturing its own mufflers for a short time.
mammoth.jpg (6747 bytes)
Worth Cable 4 post designed in 1970's   Worth Cable lift late 70's early 80's

Throughout the years, mig welder, oxygen generators and other shop equipment were added to the product line.

fiat.jpg (4607 bytes) lincoln.jpg (5628 bytes)
Worth 4 Post Cable lift late 1970's Worth 4 Post Lift early 1980's "Look at the size of this car"


Today, Worth is the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of the Worth design of benders. Worth manufactures tubing benders for automotive exhaust repair, as well as custom benders for various types of tube and pipe bending involved in many industries. Worth builds the heaviest bender of its type, bar none.

Worth manufactures a full range of above ground lifts from 6,000 to 100,000 pound capacities. Two post lifts are available from 7,000 to 15,000 pound capacities. Four post lifts are available from 7,000 - 100,000 pound capacities. Worth also offers a variety of specialty lifts, such as Low Rise pad lifts, Lube lifts, Mobile 4 post lifts, and frame straightening equipment.

9CF.jpg (5257 bytes) e2000.JPG (7802 bytes)
"9000CF 2 post, no arm sag here" "Exsel 2000 Pro Bender"
 6set.jpg (6305 bytes)  6truck.jpg (4246 bytes)
"80,000lb capacity 6 post lift with 55 foot wheel base" "80,000lb capacity lift ready for shipment"             
2ship.jpg (5740 bytes)  4ship.jpg (5742 bytes) 
"Worth 2 post lifts ready for shipment" "4 post lifts ready for shipment"


At Worth, our future is certain. Our commitment to listen to the voice of technicians and shop owners, along with following vehicle manufacturers technology, seals our destiny. Let's face it, we are headed to wherever technology and our customers/partners take us.
Before purchasing your next lift or bender, consider the three important factors: Quality, Integrity and Service. We know we'll hear from you!. For more information about Worth contact us toll free at (800) 433-7016, local at (817) 473-7266 and fax at (817) 473-1599

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